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Wild Moose

Bloomin' Moose Eco - long sleeve changing robe - vivid pink/dark grey

Bloomin' Moose Eco - long sleeve changing robe - vivid pink/dark grey

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Dive into action with the Wild Moose Eco changing robe. This top quality robe is packed with features to make your outdoor experience as comfortable and toasty warm as possible. Being both waterproof and windproof, it will protect you from the elements, whether you are getting changed post swim or water sport, or whether you are just hanging about in some pretty cold temperatures at an event, match or social gathering. It has a super absorbent and thick fleece lining so you can wear it as an extra layer for warmth even after getting dried and dressed in it. And of course, it's a personal changing cubicle for the most public of spots. The Wild Moose Eco robe is a tough, robust garment that will handle whatever you and the great outdoors throw at it.

What makes it so great?

  • Fully waterproof recycled nylon outer lining, with waterproof tape on the seams to ensure the moisture stays out
  • Super thick, sherpa fleece made form 100% recycled polyester that absorbs moisture from your skin, keeping you warm, cosy and dry
  • Velcro fastening on the wrist cuffs for extra warmth
  • Fleece lined hood with toggle cords for a snug fit
  • Sturdy, 2 way YKK zip with long, vulcanised rubber pull tab for those cold hands to grip easily. (Top tip though, when it is really cold, pre zip the very bottom and step into your robe to make it even easier)
  • Wide sleeves to enable you to pull your arms in so you can get changed in your own personal modesty tent.
  • Lots of pockets: 2 large, fleece-lined, zipped pockets on the outside to plunge your hands into post swim. 1 waterproof, zipped internal pocket at chest height - perfect for your phone with a handy hole for head phones. 1 large, open fleece pocket on the inside  - handy for storing undies (although we know many a wild swimmer dispenses with them for speed - wise!) or maybe your woolly socks (items you want to access quickly after flinging on your robe).

What size should I buy?

Your Wild Moose Eco robe is meant to be large and roomy to enable you to get changed comfortably inside - it is not a close fitting item. The below is a guide based on height and you also need to consider your frame. For a larger frame you may opt to size up. If you don't intend to get changed in it, and would prefer to wear it for warmth and to stay dry, you may prefer to size down. For more detailed info click here

If you are still in doubt feel free to get in touch to ask for some friendly advice. 

Caring for your Wild Moose Eco robe

Another great thing about these robes is that they are low maintenance. They get flung down on river banks, stood on at the lake, sat on by the sea, stuffed into backpacks and chucked into the car and they are designed for this demanding life. When yours does get dirty, wipe it down with a damp sponge. It can be aired on the line if it is feeling a bit 'stuffy' but generally they don't retain smells. It is recommended to avoid washing the robe frequently as ultimately this will affect it’s waterproof quality as with any waterproof garment. However if you do feel your robe needs a wash, either hand wash or it can go in the washing machine, inside-out at a low setting. Don't expose it to any direct heat and don't use fabric conditioner. If necessary, retreat with a waterproof coating such as Nikwax

 Enjoy a long and happy life with your Moose!


Outer - recycled nylon with PU coating

Lining - recycled polyester sherpa fleece


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Care Instructions

Caring for your robe

If your Wild Moose Robe needs a clean we suggest brushing it down or sponging it. These garments really don't need a lot of washing. They are as wild as you are. They dry out quickly, tend not to absorb smells and brush down well.

However, if it is starting to need of a bit of clean, turn the robe inside out and preferably hand wash in cold water. 

You can also put it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, again inside out. Max temp 30. The robe is built to last but, as it is a waterproof product, frequent machine washing will harm the waterproof properties of the garment. 

Putting your robe in a washing machine filter bag will help reduce microfibres entering the water drainage system.

Air dry the garment away from direct heat sources to preserve the inner fleece layer. Hang it or dry it flat.

If you have had your Wild Moose Robe for some time, and it has had several washes, you may notice that the water stops beading up on the outer layer. This signals it is time to treat  it with a Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) finish, such as Nikwax, to restore its waterproof properties.

Look after it and your robe will keep you adventuring for years to come.

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