About Us

Hi, I'm Rachel, the founder of Wild Moose, a lover of adventure and the great outdoors in general, and a champion of the wonders of wild swimming. Yet despite being a northern lass who voluntarily jumps into freezing water, I hate the cold! I am, as they say in Yorkshire, proper nesh. So came about the desire to produce a changing robe, which then quickly evolved into developing a range of products designed to bring quality, warmth, comfort and innovation for swimmers and other water based adventurers. 

Our items are designed and rigorously tested by wild swimmers, water sports enthusiasts and general outdoorsy sorts who love to mix up their activities in some pretty challenging environments. Combining experience and extensive research, Wild Moose has re-imagined existing ideas and dreamt up new ones, all with the goal of enabling you to embrace the elements and keep active in all weathers.

We love being part of the wild swimming and outdoor communities which are so wonderfully inclusive and friendly. This leads to us chatting to many swimmers and water sport enthusiasts who have all helped shape our products with their suggestions and advice.  We are continually inspired and are always looking for new ideas whenever we are out and about. We love to hear your suggestions as to what would make your swim/paddle/surf experience better so fire away - we are listening! And do feel free to share you favourite swim spots too.

Here at Moose HQ, we hugely appreciate the positive impact on wellbeing of time spent being active in nature. We hope to inspire and encourage more people to participate in wild swimming and outdoor pursuits in general (at whatever level) for the various physical and mental health benefits that it can bring. Wild swimming in particular, is getting a lot of publicity for the positive effects that it can have on mood, stress and anxiety levels. During lockdown there was an unprecedented surge in the numbers taking part and this is so gratifying to see. I have long been a swimmer (both indoors and out) but only with the prospect of a winter lockdown looming in 2020 with little/no social contact with friends and family did the idea of outdoor swimming through my first winter take hold. I had my first cold water dip that October and I was hooked. The water invigorates and energises me physically, yet mentally it calms my mind, helps sooth away anxieties and puts a smile on my face. Plans for Wild Moose were already underway at this stage (I need to be warm - even in summer!) but realising and experiencing the benefits of cold water immersion all year round was life changing. Supporting mental health is incredibly important to us and we will be supporting charities for whom this is a focus.

So why Wild Moose?

Well, as it happens moose, despite their staggering bulk, are excellent swimmers. The can hold their breath underwater for up to a minute. So there is an aquatic link!

Also, they are cold adapted mammals and have a thick, insulating coat to keep them warm - think wild swimmers and their robes!

We have size in common - moose are the largest  member of the deer family and the changing robe is the largest member of the coat family.

Moose seek out and inhabit  the colder temperatures and you will find many wild swimmers do the same.

And moose is just a fabulous word - who wouldn't want to be a moooooose?


Lets immerse in adventure together!