Care Instructions

Caring for your robe

If your Wild Moose Robe needs a clean we suggest brushing it down or sponging it. These garments really don't need a lot of washing. They are as wild as you are. They dry out quickly, tend not to absorb smells and brush down well.

However, if it is starting to need of a bit of clean, turn the robe inside out and preferably hand wash in cold water. 

You can also put it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, again inside out. Max temp 30. The robe is built to last but, as it is a waterproof product, frequent machine washing will harm the waterproof properties of the garment. 

Putting your robe in a washing machine filter bag will help reduce microfibres entering the water drainage system.

Air dry the garment away from direct heat sources to preserve the inner fleece layer. Hang it or dry it flat.

If you have had your Wild Moose Robe for some time, and it has had several washes, you may notice that the water stops beading up on the outer layer. This signals it is time to treat  it with a Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) finish, such as Nikwax, to restore its waterproof properties.

Look after it and your robe will keep you adventuring for years to come.

Caring for your poncho

Your Wild Moose poncho towel is made of cotton and bamboo fibres and this is what makes it so super soft and absorbent. These natural fibres can occasionally have some small pulls and it is OK to snip them off without compromising the poncho and its functionality.

Avoid letting the towel coming into contact with Velcro

Wash inside out at 40 degrees and with like colours