Copy of Size Guide

The Wild Moose changing robe is designed to be a roomy garment to enable you to change comfortably inside. We have recently changed our sizing so please check carefully below.

There is some overlap in height sizes and your dress/waist/chest size is also a factor in determining which size is best for you. If you are of a larger build and plan to to use the robe for changing we advise you to go for the larger size as this will offer more changing room. If you want the robe to keep you warm and dry but don’t plan to change in it, or you have a particularly slim build, you may want to go for the smaller of the sizes in your height range.  

One of our new sizes has been designed with curvy swimmers in mind. The S/M+ size offers extra width without being excessively long. It will accommodate changing for shorter swimmers up to sizes 20-22. It can be worn by larger sizes but changing may become more of an issue.

We are also looking at getting another size for up to size 30 dress sizes. In the meantime we have modified/shortened some of our XL robes for customers in this size range, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss this.

If you are in any doubt feel free to contact us for some friendly advice on which size to choose.